Our new ambassadors :

Claire Lopez 

Clair is a new rising star in the world of MMA under the influence of her coach Brad Pickett; the former UFC fighter with a lot of wins in his account. Clair is training in Brads gym, The Great Britain Top Team, which is one of the best gyms in UK right now. Clair has just won a few fights in the Miami tournament in America. This is a big success for her and her team. We believe that soon enough Clair is going to be at top of the rankings. We are very proud to have her as our ambassador and it’s great to have her in our Octagon Team. With our support and her determination, there are no limits.



Tyler Derbyshire 

Tyler is a young and determined athlete and rising star who is trying to reach the top of his abilities in the world of MMA. He is training in SBG gym with the influence of former UFC fighters. Tyler has already won a few fights on shows like FCC. With the attitude and determination, he is bound to achieve success within no time. We believe that Tyler can do great things and are wishing him all the best. It’s great to have him as a part of Octagon Team UK.