Boxing Gloves Octagon Gold Edition 1.0 black Faux Leather

Professional boxing gloves GOLD EDITION Black 1.0 by OCTAGON.

  • Gloves made of the highest quality synthetic leather filled with a specially selected foam insert.
  • They are perfect for sparring and fights. Attention to the smallest details, solid precise workmanship, the highest quality materials make even professional boxers satisfied with the gloves.
  • The gloves have an additional layer of protective foam at the bottom edge of the glove shock-absorbing and increasing the safety of the hand at each stroke, stabilizing the wrist well and preventing injuries.
  • The unique, ergonomic shape improves comfort during work.
  • The wide Velcro makes it easy to fit the glove to the hand, and the contoured thumb connected to the upper part of the glove protects the thumb against knocking out.
  • The gloves fit perfectly to the hand, which undoubtedly affects the comfort and safety during training.

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