Boxing Gloves Octagon AGAT Faux Leather

£46.99 £30.54

OCTAGON boxing gloves.

  • NEW FORMULA of fastening!
  • The boxing gloves model AGAT have a special fastening formula consisting of with two wide Velcro straps constituting the pillar of the precise fit of the glove to the hand, which significantly affects to improve the comfort and safety of using gloves. The new system has been tested by many athletes, who gave positive feedback on the use of gloves.
  • The AGAT model gloves have a breathing system, thanks to which the hand does not sweat during training.
  • Gloves made of high quality synthetic leather filled with a specially selected foam insert.
  • They are perfect for sparring and fights.
  • Attention to the smallest details, solid precise workmanship, make every user happy with the gloves.
  • The wide Velcro makes it easy to fit the glove to the hand, and the contoured thumb connected to the upper part of the glove protects the thumb against knocking out.
  • The gloves fit perfectly to the hand, which undoubtedly affects the comfort and safety during training.