Nutri Pro EAA PRO Amino Plus 400g – Exotic Fruit


  • EAA PRO AMINO Dietary supplement powder. contains a set of essential amino acids (Essential Amino Acids – EAA) are amino acids that must be supplied synthetically with food. The product has been enriched with a dose of Electrolytes. The product is designed for athletes and active people. It contains sweeteners.


  • Magnesium citrate is a chemical compound that provides a source of magnesium – a valuable element necessary for the proper functioning of the body


  • Magnesium citrate – action


  • The action of magnesium citrate is directly related to the properties of magnesium. It is one of the most important intracellular cations, being an essential element in the synthesis and utilization of ATP and GTP bonds. It contributes to the activation of about 300 enzymes of carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism, nucleic compounds. In addition, magnesium has a protective effect on the heart and blood vessels. It also plays a role as a natural anticoagulant.


  • Taurine is known for its positive effects on the body. This amino acid has properties that help with muscle recovery after exercise.


  • Taurine – characteristics


  • Taurine is otherwise known as 2-aminoethanesulfonic acid. It is a sulfur biogenic amino acid that can be found in any animal tissue. Taurine was isolated from bovine bile in 1827 by Friedrich Tiedemann and Leopold Gmelin. However, its properties were not discovered until the 1970s.


  • It turned out that the action of taurine is to inhibit catabolic processes in the muscles, and in addition, the substance has anabolic properties. This made taurine quickly popular among athletes, as it not only increased muscle mass, but also enables them to work more efficiently during training.

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