Nutri Pro ISO PRO 600g – Yummy Strawberry

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  • ISO PRO ZERO Dietary supplement. It is a premium composition of ultra-filtered whey protein isolate in an instant form, which is derived from 100% whey. A foodstuff prepared for athletes sweetened with a sweetener.


  • Isolate versus whey protein concentrate


  • Isolate, as opposed to whey protein concentrate, is characterised by a higher proportion of protein per serving, usually differences of around 10g. In addition, WPI shows a faster absorption rate, unlike WPC, which has slightly slower amino acid absorption kinetics, this is a big plus if you need to replenish protein as quickly as possible. It should also be mentioned that isolate does not provide lactose, so people with an intolerance to milk sugar can safely consume it.


  • What effect does whey protein isolate have on an athlete’s diet?
  • Whey protein isolate (WPI) is a source of high-quality, well-absorbed protein that is, among other things, used to achieve an adequate daily protein pool. Its benefits boil down to: supporting muscle mass gain in combination with resistance training, limiting the loss of musculature during weight loss diets (sometimes low-calorie diets), and limiting to some extent the gain of unwanted body fat during periods of excessive calorie intake, here we are talking about an energy surplus diet.


  • Which isolate to choose? In fact, the majority of isolates on the market will meet expectations, but we should take into account solubility, flavour or consistency of a given product. ISO PRO ZERO is therefore the ideal choice.


  • Recommended Use: Dissolve one 30g serving (3 scoops) in 300ml of water or milk. As a dietary supplement, use according to individual requirement,recommended serving 1-2 times daily immediately after preparation.


  • Ingredients: Whey protein isolate , flavour, acidity regulator: citric acid , thickener : Carboxymethylcellulose (E 466) , sweetener: sucralose, colour: beetroot red

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